With a 95% success rate clearing acne Diverse Skin Solutions & Acne Care believes there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.


Having acne is difficult and deciding what products are right for you can be a challenge.
You probably have tried everything to clear your acne without much success. Have you tried prescription medication such as antibiotics or even Accutane?  Many of you may have tried expensive department–store or even celebrity–endorsed products such as Proactive, with no success at being acne free. Well, be assured you have come to the right place. 

Your effective acne treatment will be customized for 
your particular acne type, with your individual lifestyle in mind, to get your skin acne free.
Clients treated at Diverse Skin Solutions include men, women, pre-teens to clients aged up to 70 and include very fair to dark skin tones. Whether you experience major or minor outbreaks, blackheads, chest, back, hormonal acne, bumps or acne rosacea, you can be clear without any harsh prescriptions from a dermatologist.

At your first visit, your Acne Specialist will conduct a consultation and a sensitivity test to determine the right serum for your skin and the most effective acne treatment.
Your professional will discuss the products you are using, your diet, lifestyle, and previous treatments you may have tried.
From what has been learned during the consultation and sensitivity tests, recommendations will be made as to the best products for your skin and acne type.  Be prepared to spend about $130-$160 on your first set of products.  
As your treatment progresses, appropriate changes will be made as to how you use your home care products at each acne treatment to keep challenging the skin so it never develops resistance to the products.  After the initial visit, you will only need to purchase 1 or 2 new products at a time or replenish products as you run out of them.
You will receive acne treatments every 2 weeks over a 12–week period. During this time you will see significant changes in your skin’s condition and you should be mostly– to completely – clear by the sixth visit.
You must be prepared to make lifestyle and products changes to benefit fully from this program. It can be life–changing if you are willing to do the work.
You must be willing to follow the protocol and use our products exclusively.  You will not get the best results if you use other products. You must also be ‘coachable’, which means following the given recommendations explicitly and checking in every 2 weeks. 
Best Way To Treat Acne
Is with an at-home regimen that includes the topical use of an alpha– or beta–hydroxy acid (strong enough to exfoliate, but not so strong as to irritate or burn the skin), along with an anti–microbial that delivers oxygen into the pores.
Because skin types and conditions vary greatly, different topical products need to be tested on your skin to check for sensitivity and effectiveness. Some skin types and conditions can produce noticeable results in just a few days and be totally clear in a matter of a few weeks. Some will take several weeks longer and require to have their regimen changed as the skin adapts. Fewer than 10% of cases are considered difficult to treat (and may take 6 months or longer to get properly under control).
The only possible risk of this course of treatment is temporary skin irritation. If you have acne, you need a professional treatment specialist. Diverse Skin Solutions believes that the best and most efficient way of clearing acne is through the systematic use of non-prescription topical products along with twice-monthly professional treatments. Your clear skin is the ultimate goal.
Why Choose an Acne Specialist Over a Dermatologist?
Most people will call a dermatologist when they have issues with their skin, which is a very logical first step. However, there tends to be a typical recommendation by doctors for acne. Usually, oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, retinoids and sometimes benzoyl peroxide will be prescribed. These compounds all help to a degree, but not all are necessary (for example, antibiotics don’t kill P. acnes bacteria) and not all of them work (Retin-A cream, for example, contains pore cloggers).
Dermatologists mean well and want to help, they really just don’t have the time. They traditionally only devote 5 minutes to a patient and use a one-size-fits-all approach to acne, which doesn’t work for everyone. If those methods don’t work, doctors will often then prescribe isotretinoin (Accutane), which is very hard on the body and has a lot of pretty serious health risks. Most of these treatments are often discontinued because of irritation or other adverse reactions and the patient often becomes angry and frustrated.
Acne Specialist 
Acne specialists analyze the skin thoroughly and devise a series of acne treatments designed to initiate cellular regeneration to speed up the clearing process. 
The client is also put on a strict at-home product regimen to inhibit P. acnes bacteria growth, reduce inflammation and minimize dead skin cell build–up on the surface of the skin and inside the follicle, where acne initially forms.
Medications, diet, hygiene, sports activity, hair, makeup and skincare products that might be contributing to acne are all considered as part of the program.

Working with an acne specialist requires more effort from the acne client, who will be required to perform a detailed daily skin care routine to remain clear. However, for the thousands of clients who have acne which is resistant to other treatments, working with an acne specialist can be a life-changing experience.


Here at Diverse Skin Solutions & Acne Care, the goal is to get you acne clear and keep your skin acne free.



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